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Having a mobile friendly version of your website should be considered a necessity. People are finding you online with their mobile devices, and they want to access your website’s information and content without zooming, scrolling, or requiring a larger screen to do so.

With the fuse of web-based social networking, blogging, and other online channels to attract a wider audience to a company’s brand, products, and services, businesses find themselves in the position of having to be more innovative and competitive with their online marketing strategies. With 65% of people using mobile devices to seek information and make purchases on the Internet, this has also brought about the need for websites that are optimized for better mobile user experiences.

A mobile website has become an essential part of website design, because of the increasing number of mobile users. When a mobile user accesses a website through their smartphone or other mobile device, they want to see and use the same parts of the website that are accessible on a desktop computer. 80% of the time, when online traffic reaches a website that is not optimized for mobile use, they will “bounce” from that site quickly, to a competitors website that provides a better mobile experience.

A powerful tool to increase sales, mobile websites appeal to people who are accessing the Internet on the go. They want information immediately, to help them make purchasing decisions. When you are able to provide an Internet user with information “right now,” they are also more likely to make their shopping decisions “right now.” People primarily make buying decisions based on emotional factors, so attracting them to your offering by appealing to what they want or need can compel them to choose in favour of your company’s products and services.

When your mobile website is designed with your visitors in mind, you will see them respond accordingly.


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